Septic Tank Installation & Replacement, West Sussex

Septic Tank Installation & Replacement, West SussexSussex Water Treatments specialise in septic tank installations & Septic Tank replacement throughout West Sussex, Surrey and East Hampshire. Generally following the failure of an old septic tank our recommendation would be to replace the existing septic tank system with a modern waste water treat ment tank which meets all current waste water dicharge legislation.

Whether you are seeking a small domestic installation of a septic tank, septic tank conversion unit or packaged sewage treatment plant, Sussex Water Treatments can provide home and business owners a free advisory service, including no obligation site visits throughout West Sussex.

Often existing old septic tanks are traditionally built brick tanks. Brick built septic tanks have walls which have can fracture and collapse, losing structural integrity as a result of sulphate corrosion. Old septic tanks may have baffles which may become displaced, resulting in sewage sludge blocking exit pipes and blocked soakaways. In both cases we would recommend removal and replacement of the old system with a modern waste water treatment system.

Need to Replace or Upgrade your Septic Tank?

If you are experiencing problems with an old septic tank or blocked soakaway and are considering upgrading or replacing your waste water treatment system please contact us via phone or email for a no obligation chat to discuss your particular problems and find out how Sussex Water Treatments can help.


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