Septic Tank Problems & Septic Tank Replacement, West Sussex

septic tank problems & Septic Tank Replacement, West Sussex

septic tanks can fail causing soak away problems and flooding. Sussex Water Treatments can provide solutions for all failing septic tank installations, Septic Tank Problems & Septic Tank Replacement. We  offer free onsite inspections, can make recomendations regarding septic tank replacement and offer advice about drainage problems. Some of the most common causes are as follows:

Septic tank Failure – Collapsed Baffles

Within most prefabricated septic tanks are internal baffles or cones which are designed to prevent solids and floating material from passing through the tank. In some instances baffles and cones can collapse resulting in solids and floating material passing through the tank and into the soakaway network causing Septic Tank Soakaway Failure.

Blocked & Overflowing Soakaways

The most common indicator of problems with a septic tank is a blocked or overflowing soak away, often resulting in sewage overflow. This usually occurs following periods of heavy rain. The septic tank may overflow and effluent then appears at ground level, often seeping into ditches or backing-up the waste pipes.

Septic Tank Problems & Septic Tank Replacement, West Sussex

All our replacement sewage treatment tanks meet current Environment Agency standards. We are based near Chichester and Midhurst and operate throughout West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.
If you are experiencing septic tank problems and are considering replacement of your old septic tank with a sewage & waste water treatment tank then we offer a free no obligation on-site inspection. Soak away failure can depend on several factors, including how well the septic tank has been maintained, the nature of the soil, the height of the water table, heavy rain periods and the deterioration of the septic tank itself.

We would generally recommend a Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Tank as this is environmentally friendly, does not require annual emptying and is approved by The Environment Agency and British Water.

What is the difference between a a Septic Tank and a Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Tank ?

Diamond Wastewater Treatment Plant imageA Septic tank collects and stores sewage solids, as the tank fills up, it will need emptying. This is typically done once a year by a local contractor.

Replacement of an existing tank as a result of septic tank failure

A Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Tank is a watertight enclosure designed to allow solids in the sewage to settle and decompose via bacterial action over a period of time, so no annual emptying is required. Simultaneously, it allows the liquid effluent to separate out and disperse into the soil via a land drain system or outlet pipe.

Whether your require a Septic Tank replacement or a Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Tank installation your site will require a full foul drainage assessment survey as part of the system design and installation process.

A site survey will include full assessment of ground water levels, the risk of surface water flooding – this is a free service.


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