Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Tank Installations, West Sussex

sewage and waste water treatment tank installations, West Sussex & Hampshire areas

Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Tank Installations, West Sussex

Sussex Water Treatments carries out sewage and waste water treatment tank installation across West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. The tanks we install are designed and proven to exceed all current or proposed discharge consent standards enforced by the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) or other regulatory bodies.

The treatment process is biological and natural, meaning there is also no requirement for chemicals or annual emptying. This helps keep maintenance to a minimum and costs low.

The compact design of the sewage & Waste Water treatment plant leads to minimal disruption when installation is carried out. Furthermore, below-ground installation in a robust self-contained unit means low visual impact, no odours and minimal noise output.

We recommend WPL Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Tanks as they are environmentally friendly & approved by The Environment Agency & British Water – see our Home page for the standards the equipment adheres to.


Why WPL tanks:

  • Low running cost and maintenance – The design has no internal mechanical moving parts therefore it requires minimal annual maintenance. Emptying of the tank is also not required during maintenance of air distribution system.
  • Up to 3 year de-sludge intervals – Efficient, continuous, bacterial digestion process.
  • Alarm beacon included – All weather, air blower kiosk fitted with a failure alarm beacon.
  • Variable flows and loads – The unique design of the flow balancing in the primary tank means it can cope with variable flows and loads.
  • Low installation costs and flexibility on site – Only a small excavation is required due to its compact design allowing flexibility of positioning on site, plus minimal visual impact.
  • Compact design – Reduced excavation and land disruption.
  • No odours – does not require primary settlement of raw sewage where odours can occur.


Installation services

Sewage & waste water treatment tanks installationThe installation process is the same whether you choose a Septic Tank or Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Tank. Both solutions are straight forward to install, with their compact designs there is minimal excavation, and in some situations no concrete backfill is needed.

This ensures the installation process causes minimal disruption and the whole process can usually be completed within 2 – 3 days.

We pride ourselves on leaving the site in the same condition we found it, which means once the plant is installed we will re-turf the ground as required & make good any areas that the installation has disturbed.


Site Surveys

Your site will require a full foul drainage assessment survey as part of the sewage treatment system design and installation process. This will include full assessment of groundwater levels, the risk of surface water flooding.

We offer a free site survey to establish to best options & location of the Sewage Treatment Tank, this will include whether a pump based or gravity based system is needed. During the visit we will discuss the options for the discharge fluid & where this should be positioned.





Next steps

We would be delighted to discuss your installation project in more detail to establish the right option for your particular property and individual requirements. To get in touch please use any of the options listed on the Contact Us page. We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with your requirements.